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Answers of Konstantin Nikiforov to questions asked by parents at the 17.06 webinar devoted to genetic aspects of deafness

During the webinar on June 17th, many parents who already have children with CIs, were concerned about the following: is it possible to predict the likelihood of having a deaf child in the future? There were other questions as well! They have been answered by Konstantin Nikiforov himself, in the posting below.


Parents’ meeting: Konstantin Nikiforov, “Genetic reasons for deafness”, June 17th 2012

Aim of the meeting: meeting doctor Konstantin Nikiforov, head of the audiology office of Children’s Clinical Hospital, Simferopol, Ukraine, and discussing the genetic background of congenital hearing loss with specialists.

Agenda: the presentation of Konstantin Nikiforov
“Genetic reasons for deafness”.

To find out more about Mr. Nikiforov, please follow this link to his profile.

When: Sunday, June 17th 2012, 18:00 German time (20:00 Moscow time). The meeting will be recorded and published, open for comments of interested participants.

Where: live online (audio conference room) – join the meeting here.

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