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Presentation on aesthetical aspects of cochlear implantation published

The presentation by Anastasia Slukhai on how to accesorize a cochlear implant and make it visually appealing, and containing stories of famous people with CIs, was delivered on the 10th of July in the course of our webinar!

Now the presentation is available for viewing in the Publications gallery of this blog.

Find it helpful? Remember to comment!

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Meeting with Jodi

Yesterday we (Monika, Anastasia and I) had a very nice live online meeting with Jodi Michelle Cutler. Jodi is “an american mom in Tuscany”. She has a child with a Cochlear Implant and is writing a creative, charismatic Weblog “at its best”  to share experience: http://rallycapsdotnet.blogspot.com/

Our meeting was for a first experience of Jodi in using a live online room.

In her Weblog I found an interesting posting with an embedded YouTube Video and link reporting about “Australia’s Deaf Kids Get Captions In Classrooms“.  Impressive example for communication technologies supporting  inclusion in pedagogics.

This goes in the direction of our approach of live online rooms representing the “most inclusive social technologies”. Read & hear more in our future contributions !

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Inclusion articles

Attached find some articles on the topic “Inclusion in pedagogics”. Specifically relevant seem to be the Wikipedia articles.

We will work on this topice during the next PORA meetings live online. Please add comments  / questions.

Opn/download: Inclusion in ped-Wikipedia

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