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Web seminar: Criteria for the inclusion and integration of children with a CI into mainstream school – S. Bischoff, November 25th 2018

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Web seminar: Being ready for the listening journey. Importance of pre-CI habilitation – E. Juan, November 4th 2018

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Web seminar: Love Protects the Brain – D. Dornan, October 28th 2018

Recording of presentation – double klick on “play/pause” left side up to start

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Web seminar: The Muenster Support Program for Parents of Children with Hearing Loss – K. Reichmuth, October 7th 2018

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Web seminar: Mobbing: Is Bullying A Trivial Offence? – B. Bertram, September 16th 2018

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Web seminar: Early intervention. Ethical considerations in a multicultural environment. M. Lehnhardt-Goriany, September 2nd 2018

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Time and sports: Achieving true togetherness. Challenges for children with a CI

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PORA Web Seminar: Frühförderung und Inklusion von Kindern mit CI – Aspekte des Spracherwerbes, Ideen für Spiele und Kommunikation

2018-06-03 / 16h CET / 17h Moskau Zeit
Sprache: de/ru

Präsentation: Dr. Christiane Bischoff, Deutschland
Moderator: Dr. Monika Lehnhardt

Teilnehmer: Eltern / Experten

Details werden in Kürze publiziert

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Web seminar: Why Upgrading the Sound Processor Is Equally Important as Providing a CI for Deaf Children – Monika Lehnhardt, Switzerland/Austria

Web seminar: Technical Updates in the Cochlear Implant Industry: the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor – V. Bakhshinyan, Moscow, Russia



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