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Parents’ meeting and PORA! webinar in Yerevan, Armenia

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Join us on:

–> October 11 2014, 10:15 Moscow/Yerevan time

Lecturer: Dimity Dornan.

Presentation: “Social Inclusion of Children Wearing a Cochlear Implant”.

–> October 11 2014, 13:15 Moscow/Yerevan time

Lecturer: Michael Goriany and Alex Teichrieb.

Presentation: “Telepractice and the Online Program of the Lehnhardt Foundation”.

–> October 11 2014, 13:45 Moscow/Yerevan time

Lecturer: Ann-Charlotte Gyllenram.

Presentation: “Cochlear Implants in Children: Parents in Charge of Development”.

Participate: freely & openly in an online conference from wherever you have Internet access. Just follow the link:

ENTER WEB CONFERENCE: Link with guidelines

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Conference Tbilisi, Georgia

Summer holidays

holidayThe Lehnhardt Academy is taking a summer break over July and August. During this time we will create a new program for our upcoming cycle of webinars.

We will restart our biweekly meetings in September with a new range of topics chosen by you, new speakers, and an even better approach – all to make the PORA program experience most useful for you.

In the meantime, feel free to think of suggestions for new topics and the best format/timing for our sessions.

See you in September!

Yours, the Lehnhardt Academy team

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We had several reasons to celebrate in Yerevan in July 2012

One was the 20-year anniversary of the ENT department at the Erebouni Medical Centre.

Local personalities from politics (amongst others the previous and the current Minister of Health) and economics delivered speeches and gave interviews for the media. Specifically welcome and acclaimed was Prof. Eghia Noel Garabedian, director of the ENT department at the Armand-Trousseau Hospital in Paris. It was him, who recognized the necessity to establish an ENT department at the Erebouni Medical Centre in 1991, who during one year encouraged his Armenian countrymen, mainly painters and Armenian medical doctors, to make donations and thus – with 2 Million Franc – made the official opening possible in the year 1992. As a result young ENT doctors could spend time for training in his clinic and achieve a high level of professional competence. 10 years later Prof. Garabedian returned to Yerevan and delivered a large part of his speech in Armenian. The audience thanked him with thunderous applause. read more –>

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Friday, July 20, 2012: Anniversary / Donation / Workshop “Upgrade – a new era of inclusive schooling ?”

  • Location: Hotel Yerevan, Yerevan, Armenia & Live Online ( Login & Info )
  • Agenda & Schedule July 20, 2012

16:00 – 16:30 Part A: Anniversary Congratulations to ENT Clinic of Erebouni Medical Center and Donation of speech processors by Lehnhardt-Foundation (Dr. Dr.h.c. Monika Lehnhardt)

16:30 – 17:15 Part B: Parents share questions referring to upgrades and other topics of present concern , specifically schooling & learning of their children – topics mentioned in preparatory Forum Page. (Dr. Monika Lehnhardt, Dr. Vigen Bakhshinyan )

17:15 – Coffee break

17.30 – 18.30 Part C: Workshop “Upgrade – a new era of inclusive schooling ?” ( the Web-Inclusion” – Project ) – click on “read more” for detailed topics (Dr. Michael Goriany)

  • Participation/registration: free for parents, therapists, experts. Please announce your participation in a comment to this post. Please mention whether you will participate locally or live online.


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