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How you can improve your professional skills working with deaf children

How you as a parent of a deaf child can establish good communication and monitor success

The Cochlear Implant Knowledge Blog provides comprehensive information on various activities of the Lehnhardt Foundation and projects initiated under the Foundation’s umbrella. Project descriptions and updates, news and articles around the topic of cochlear implants and rehabilitation for hearing impaired and deaf children, recordings of previous seminars and forum-discussions, presentations of seminars and discussions, supplemented by profiles of professionals and an extensive Q&A section are elaborated and constantly updated to provide a first-hand knowledge base and practical support for readers. The core of the weblog is considered to be the platform created for disseminating information on PORA Live Online Seminars for therapists and for parents and a Discussion Forum.

While the main menu bar in violet presents key sections of the weblog, the foundation has clustered the information to ease your search for the targeted topic. For example, you can find all information in regard to Seminars and Meetings in the respective section of the second menu bar-line, regardless of the type of file or informative resource.

We encourage you to influence the development of the weblog and the focus of projects and activities by actively participating in Live Online seminars and Forum Discussions, as well as frequently visiting the weblog and approaching it as a source for continuous personal and professional development.

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