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The PORA Program

The PORA Programme is targeted at groups of parents and professionals working with deaf and/or hearing impaired children with hearing aids and/or cochlear implants with the aim to impart basic knowledge, to share information on recent developments in this field and to encourage exchange of experience amongst the participants.


PORA stands for “call for action” among the target audience to upgrade their knowledge and network with the aim of further improving CI practice on a global basis and thus delivering better quality and more efficient care to children suffering from hearing loss. PORA is here to promote use of modern methods of communication among parents and thus develop a strong network of like-minded individuals sharing the same values, aspirations, and most importantly, needs.

It’s time to get connected for the benefit of ourselves – therapists and parents – and of our children!

PORA offers you:

  1. Interesting content presented by top-competent and experienced global experts once a month.

  2. Interactive participation in Forum-Discussions every second week following the expert’s session. This schedule is designed for you to have time to review the information from the Online seminar or to listen to the recording of the missed session, leave comments in the weblog and prepare questions and comments to be shared during discussions.

  3. Acquaintance with a global experts and networking opportunities.

  4. Repository of Live Online seminar recordings and presentations for you to refresh your memory at any time.

  5. Scientific articles and resources to stay updated on changes, developments and interesting initiatives in the field.

  6. Presenting yourself and enlarging your personal and professional network. Share your experience and knowledge with peers or other parents in similar situations and make use of the rich database of contacts for one-on-one online interaction.

  7. Having your questions answered by world-renown professionals with top-level credibility in the area.

  8. Multi-language content: all information is provided either in English and Russian or German and Russian. This is done to engage individuals, specialists, as well as institutions operating in many GUS countries, where Russian language is very well understood and still broadly used in practice.

The main aspect of the PORA programme is that it provides the opportunity to communicate and interact with the easiest and most comfortable resources available. Weblogs are created to eliminate one-way communication, but rather make the voice of participants and engaged parties heard. The unique platform that hosts our Live Online seminars allows all possible ways of communication – writing and reading, talking and listening, looking and presenting. Thus everybody can choose her/his preferred mode of communication.

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