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Prof. Ernst Lehnhardt Foundation, Badenweiler, Germany          of the Board of Directors: Dr. Dr.h.c. Monika Lehnhardt
The Foundation was established in 1994 by Prof. Dr.
Ernst Lehnhardt and Dr. Monika Lehnhardt.It can be
regarded as the continuation of ErnstLehnhardt’s
(passed away 2011) professional activities.He was the
first surgeon to give a 1 ½ year old deaf-bornchild access
to hearing by providing her with a cochlear implant in 1988.
Our mission is:

  • to facilitate early detection of a potential hearing loss in children,
  • to facilitate continuous post-operative care after  cochlear implant surgery by:
  1. further education for experts in (re)habilitation, and – as a new focus –
  2. encouraging an inclusive approach to education, society and professional life.
Current projects
Further education projects:Training Modules:

For therapists and other experts working with hearing
impaired children, as well as for the childrens‘ parents
leading European experts have developed  21 modules.
9 of these deal with the pre-school period (so-called “HICEN”
lectures and a further 12 with the school
age (so-called “QESWHIC” lectures –◦    All the modules are available in German, English and
Spanish; HICEN has also been translated into Portuguese
and Russian, QESWHIC into Czech and Polish.

◦  Since 2009, the modules have been offered and discussed during monthly workshops in Live Online Internet classrooms
(PORA Workshops)

◦    Currently, a longer-term, bi-weekly further education program is being developed for Russian-speaking experts

◦  Parents of pediatric CI recipients who speak Russian,
as well as CI candidates, get together in the Live Online
Internet classroom every other week for “Educational
Meetings” to discuss topical subjects presented by
International experts.

→  Cochlear Implant Knowledge Blog ru / english

Project WebInclusion

  • The development of the Internet in recent years (the “Social Web”) and in particular, a new generation of Internet-classrooms, have opened new dimensions of internal differentiation in teaching and learning, which has also become external due to the dissolution of geographic boundaries.
  • Thus, now personal learning groups can be created simultaneously, linking also geographically remote schools. This makes special pedagogical care much more cost-efficient and effective. In brief, one could at times have special classes in mainstream schools and regular classes in a special schools.
  • Within the WebInclusion project prototype classes are being created to trial and visualize this possibilities. → Groups without boundaries

Armenia Cochlear Implant Fund – Public Private Partnership (PPP) – institutional project:

  • The Lehnhardt Foundation has initiated the creation of a non-profit NGO to serve as a basis for a conceptually managed CI program in Armenia. Its long-term sustainability and further development can be ensured through joint financing by private sponsors and the government.

→ fact-sheet

  • As launch activity, the Lehnhardt Foundation has collected  speech processors as donation in kind. They were presented as upgrade devices for 13 Armenian children in July 2012.

→ (beta)

Lehnhardt Academy
To implement the education projects and the Internet (social media) projects, the Lehnhardt Academy was established as a training department of Monsana AG in Basel, Switzerland.A  respective separate legal entity will be created at a given time.
Monsana AG, Basel, Switzerland (Members oft he board of directors: Dr. Monika Lehnhardt, Daniel Brodmann) 
Under the supervision of the founder and member of
the board of Monsana AG patients seeking medical treatment –  particularly in ENT (emphasis on pediatric CI) and oncology (children and adults) – are counseled in their choice of the most suitable specialist doctor and receive comprehensive care both during and after the treatment.
On the homepage you will also find a who-is-who database, which lists leading doctors working in the core areas of Monsana AG.
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