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Profile: Andreas Vonier

vonier1996 – 2001 education as deaf teacher, Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich

2001 – 2004 participation in research project investigating the situation of CI-implanted children of deaf parents at the LMU

2001 – 2004 work as speech therapist for children with hearing and speech impairment, Bavarian professional union of people with hearing and speech impairment

2004 – 2006 teaching practice at Munich school for the hearing-impaired

2006 – 2008 special teacher at Landshut special pedagogy therapy center

Since 2008 special teacher at Munich hearing therapy center

  • 2008-2013 work in pedagogical-audiological counseling
  • 2012-2013 care of children with hearing loss in mainstream schools
  • technical support of students with use of classroom hearing systems
  • since 2011 – audiological testing at school enrollment

Since 2012 – employment in early therapy for children with hearing loss.

  • ongoing audiological control and counseling

Since 2016 – chairman of the Bavarian professional union of people with hearing and speech impairment

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