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Profile: Romina Rauner


German expert Romina Rauner will present on ‘Discussing a Child’s Development with Parents and Experts‘  in the October 4th webinar and the October 18th forum discussion.

2002-2007 – study at Heidelberg University in Germany in speech and language pathology and development pedagogy

2007-2008 – internship at a secondary school of the Stegen Education and Counseling Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

– development of a program for inclusive teaching of hearing-impaired children in the Stegen Education and Counseling Center in Ueberlingen-am-Ried and Bolingen.

– joint management of inclusive class groups with a primary school teacher. Paired teaching.

September 2008 onwards – counseling and support of teachers and parents of hearing-impaired children and adolescents in general and specialized secondary schools under the tutelage of the state special pedagogy authority. Participation in numerous conferences.

– Preparing and holding events for fellow experts of the Hegau-Bodensee region, including information meetings for pediatricians and SLPs.

March 2010 onwards – working in pedagogical audiology (for children of all ages enrolled in all school types) with follow-up guidelines on development pathways, including analyzing hearing-impaired children and adolescents’ individual education programs; contacting other counseling bodies to combine efforts in diagnostics

February 2011 onwards – practice supervisor for graduates of university special pedagogy courses, specializing in speech language pathology.

From February 2014 – Chairwoman of the Department for Speech and Language Pathology (teacher training and didactic courses) in Freiburg.

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