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Profile: Dr. Sascha Bischoff

b. 26.05.1971

1993-1999 – education in Deaf Pedagogics and Early Pedagogics at the Universities of Karlsruhe and Heidelberg

1999-2002 – assistant for research and science; teacher at the Warmia-Mazury University in Olzstyn (Poland)

2003 – work in science and research at WMU within the DAAD academic exchange program and as award winner of the Foundation of the Federal Land of Baden-Wuertemberg

2005 – attained the degree of Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (cum laude, awarded by Prof. Dr. Horsch/Prof. Dr. Laszig).

Active in the international inter-disciplinary research project ‘Early dialogs with newborns’ (Prof. Horsch); central directions of the research are pedagogical audiology and new education models for hearing-impaired children.

2006 onwards  – Head of the Department for Pedagogical Audiology, 2008 onwards – Director of the Hegau-Bodensee Consulting Center for Hearing-Impaired Children and Teenagers. Until 2008 – teacher and class supervisor of an integrative class at the Stegen Educational Center for the Hearing-Impaired.

2002 onwards – lecturer at the Heidelberg Institute for Pedagogics. Main lecturing profile: special early upbringing pedagogics, conversation skills, mastering language and speech, education patterns for the hearing-impaired.

2008 onwards – lecturer of the state seminar for didactics and teachers’ education in Freiburg specializing in deaf education; numerous speeches and publications in national and international conferences and congresses.

April 2010 onwards – Deputy Director of the Stegen Educational Center for the Hearing-Impaired, Associate Professor in Surdopedagogics in the Freiburg speech education school. Additionally, editing of the ‘Surdopedagogics’ journal (Publisher: median, Heidelberg)

2012 onwards – member of the Board of Directors of the Ernst Lehnhardt Foundation

From October 2011 – father of baby Jonathan; from 2013 – of baby Sophie!

E-Mail sascha.bischoff@bbzstegen.de

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