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Our webinar on October 10th a success with the international audience

We are very pleased to let you know that our first PORA! webinar of this academic year has attracted an audience of almost 70 participants from 9 countries.

One of the largest delegations joined our online assembly from Yerevan, the State Pedagogical University being represented by 25 members of staff. With help of our team member Lilit Abrahamyan, we have the following feedback from Armenia:

Online Webinar with the Participation of Special Pedagogues 17.10.2013

Recently, the professorial teaching staff of the Department of Special Education and MA students of the Division of Surdo-pedagogy participated in the first session of PORA webinar series conducted by Lehnhardt Academy.

The live seminar initiated by Inessa Harutyunyan, Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Special Pedagogy and Psychology, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, was also attended by the specialists of “Erebouni” Medical Center and School for Children with Hearing Impairments.

George Tavartkiladze, Founding Director of Russian National Research Center for Audiology and Hearing Rehabilitation, Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), lectured on “Functional Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory System.”

There were 70 participants, specialists and parents from Russia, Germany, United States, Kazakhstan, Mozambique, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Belarus in the webinar.

At the end of the meeting, the parties reached a consensus to actively participate in forthcoming webinars of the Academy.

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