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Parents’ meeting: Konstantin Nikiforov, “Genetic reasons for deafness”, June 17th 2012

Aim of the meeting: meeting doctor Konstantin Nikiforov, head of the audiology office of Children’s Clinical Hospital, Simferopol, Ukraine, and discussing the genetic background of congenital hearing loss with specialists.

Agenda: the presentation of Konstantin Nikiforov
“Genetic reasons for deafness”.

To find out more about Mr. Nikiforov, please follow this link to his profile.

When: Sunday, June 17th 2012, 18:00 German time (20:00 Moscow time). The meeting will be recorded and published, open for comments of interested participants.

Where: live online (audio conference room) – join the meeting here.

(Having opened the link, enter your login and leave the password field empty. Launch the application and, if needed, update your Java software – you can get it here). In case of technical problems, please contact us on skype (a.slukhai).

Participation: parents and reha specialists. Registration by entering a comment into the “Leave a Comment/Reply” field underneath this posting

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  • Language: Russian
  • Please find below the full presentation:

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