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Meet Global Experts Live Online: Sue Archbold, “Deaf education changed by cochlear implantation?”, 27 June 2012

Aim of the meeting: in the course of a PORA webinar, to discuss with international expert Sue Archbold, Executive Director of the Ear Foundation in Nottingham, UK, the subject of how cochlear implantation has helped open new options and pathways for deaf children in education.

Agenda: the presentation of Sue Archbold
“Deaf education changed by cochlear implantation?”.

To find out more about Dr. Archbold, please follow this link to her profile.

When: June 27th, 16:00 German time (18:00 Moscow time). The meeting will be recorded and published, open for comments of interested participants.

Where: live online (audio conference room) – join the meeting here.

(Having opened the link, enter your login and leave the password field empty. Launch the application and, if needed, update your Java software – you can get it here). In case of technical problems, please contact us on skype (a.slukhai).

Participation: logopeds, SLPs, teachers. Registration by entering a comment into the “Leave a Comment/Reply” field underneath this posting

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  • Language: English, translation into Russian
  • Please find below the full presentation:

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