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Meet Global Experts Live Online: Dimity Dornan, Australia MARCH 8th

Aim of the meeting: prepare a PORA – Webinar dealing with the principles & practices of “Auditory-Verbal Therapy” by exchange of information between Dimity and education designers/teachers of the expected participants (speech therapists).

The meeting will be recorded and published, open for comments of interested participants.

Agenda: Dimity Dornan will give a short presentation about her professional activities and her methodological approach to rehabilitation. The participating teachers and experts will provide information about the level and specific interest of the expected participants of the Webinar. To find out more about Dimity Dornan, please follow this link to her profile. To find out more about audio-verbal therapy, please click here.

When: preparatory meeting March 8th, 8.30 CET (Berlin time) , final date March 22nd, 8.30 CET (Berlin time) 2012.

Where: live online (audio conference room) – join the meeting here:

(Info login & open testroom HERE)

Participation: trainers of  therapists, managers  of CI- communities, lecturers & experts. Registration by entering a comment into the “Leave a Comment/Reply” field underneath this posting

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