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Sep.23/10.00:Rehabilitation Resources Hot-Spot “Sound Foundation for Babies”

  • Experience the first official presentation in Kiev, Ukraina and online of an outstanding training ressource within an innovative Internet-social media environment. Don´t miss the free presentation
    • at the Otology Conference venue Kiev, Ukraina (booth of VABOS/Cochlear Ltd.)
    • logging in to the PORA-LiveOnline room from wherever you can enter the Internet (see LOGIN right side bar)
  • Topic: the
    • new rehabilitation training resource “Sound Foundation for Babies”
    • will be presented by the Editor Andrew Kendrick, Cochlear Global Rehabilitation Manager, Australia together with Michael Goriany, Internet-project leader of Lehnhardt-Akademie, Basel.

  • Training Resource “Sound Foundation“: is a habilitation tool supporting parents for the first twelve months following cochlear implantation.  See/download Introduction and Contents here: Sound Foundation-Overview
  • Specific training method: The material will be made downloadable for free within a “networked learning” Internet environment including a Live Online exchange of experience within homogenious learning groups. Reviewing parents will be furnished with a hardcopy for free as well.
  • please mind: 10.00 a.m. Kiev time (=11.00 Moscow  = 9.00 Berlin) – duration 45 min

If you plan to participate or just have a question: please write a comment underneath this invitation. We will contact you for a preparatory test of login to the Live Online room.

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