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Follow-up “Cochlear Implant & Music” presentation by Kate Gfeller

Dear friends and participants of the meeting with Dr. Kate Gfeller!

To follow up the brilliant presentation on Cochlear implants and music made by Dr. Kate Gfeller on December 13th, we are going to publish some of the presentation materials online. We aim at publishing the complete presentation together with a synchronized audio track (both English and Russian) and making it accessible through our blogs.

However, the process of preparing the synchronized audio is a lengthy and complex one, and for this reason we ask you to kindly indicate your interest in having access to the materials by leaving a comment to this post.

Below please find a sample of the presentation (without the audio). You can download the presentation or watch it using the controls in the embedded file. Please comment on this post to let us know whether you would like to have access to the full version and participate in a possible follow-up meeting.

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1 comment to Follow-up “Cochlear Implant & Music” presentation by Kate Gfeller

  • Monika Lehnhardt

    Kate’s presentation was excellent indeed and raised a lot of interest amongst parents as well as therapists. I expect and hope for many comments and suggestions and we all hope to have Kate present again and answer questions early next year.

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